Seth H
Mobile Dev

I released my first game, Dip on the Google Play Store, in July of 2019. The whole purpose of the game was to get me out of the endless game dev loop of starting and not finishing projects. In Dip, you play as a chip trying to collect as many "dips" as possible while avoiding the "bad dips". Dip really taught me a lot about starting and finishing a project.

More recently, I completed a game called Dumb Run. This is a very basic infinite runner that was developed by me over the course of three days.

Desktop Dev

Majority of my projects before, and after Dip, have been targeted towards desktop users. I have released two projects for desktop. The first being a Game Jam submission called Unam Cellulam, and the second was a challenge to complete a multiplayer sandbox demo within 30 days. I titled that project 30 Day Sandbox Game, because I am creative. I released the source code, but after issues with the repository the code was lost. However the experience and knowledge I gained significantly helped me fill in some blanks, especially with multiplayer & modding support.

Current Dev

So, what have I been up to lately? My most recent project, Nadis, a Multiplayer FPS, has been put on hold. This is due to the fact that I am currently in the middle of moving houses. However, I will resume production within the coming months. For now I have decided to spend my days making as many small mobile games as I can. The first took me just 3 days, and already looks better than Dip. I think my next mobile game will be a multiplayer arcade racing game, so stay tuned for that.